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The Haiti Poster Project, Miki Iwasaki


Miki Iwasaki created this piece for The Haiti Poster Project in 2010. It is constructed of silkscreen, wood, and steel hardware. Iwasaki’s, an architect,
also designs and builds objects such as clocks, screens, lamps, and umbrellas. Iwasaki’s studies include a year at the Kyushu Institute of Design in Fukuoka, Japan, and a Masters Degree in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He maintains his business, mi workshop in San Diego, California.


Please Don’t Litter, People Have to Sleep Here

This is a photograph of a stenciled sidewalk in NYC. In 1994 creative director Peter Cohen stenciled the sidewalks of NY with this message as part of his campaign for the Coalition for the Homeless, an advocacy group.

Fair Market Value

This graphic by Casey Stock, a designer from Brooklyn, NY. Created in
2004, Stock makes it available for download on the internet.


Explore Safely

This piece was created by Yuko Shimizu in 2008 to educate teenage girls in Europe about safe sex and AIDS prevention. Shimizu is a freelance illustrator, based in New York City and an illustration instructor at the School of Visual Arts. Her technique starts with a drawing using Japanese calligraphy brushes and India ink on watercolor paper. This drawing is then scanned into Photoshop where the color is added.

2-D, 3-D

Lex Drewinski designed this set of silkscreened posters in 2006. Drewinksi, originally from Poland, worked as a poster designer and animated film artist until moving to Germany to study digital graphics. In 1992 he became a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Postdam where he has been running an independent workshop of graphic design. From 1985 he
has taken part in the most important poster exhibitions in the world, has prepared over 50 individual international exhibitions, and has won over
130 prizes for his posters.

Haiti Shook

Josh Smith said this of the poster he designed for The Haiti Poster Project:
“This poster is an attempt to preserve the moment when a country shook and its weight toppled down. It is a reminder to preserve the weight of responsibility we share for our Haitian neighbours, still crying out for help.”

We Are Human

Shepard Fairey has gained fame through his Obey Giant guerrilla art campaign, and as the designer of the Obama Hope poster.