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AIDS/Safe Sex

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This piece was created by Yuko Shimizu in 2008 to educate teenage girls in Europe about safe sex and AIDS prevention. Shimizu is a freelance illustrator, based in New York City and an illustration instructor at the School of Visual Arts. Her technique starts with a drawing using Japanese calligraphy brushes and India ink on watercolor paper. This drawing is then scanned into Photoshop where the color is added.


AIDS Hidden Danger

The designer of this poster, Cedomir Kostovic, is a professor at Missouri State University, where he teaches Graphic Design and Illustration. Originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, he has contributed to the international poster community since 1980. The recipient of many design awards, continues to lecture and to write on many design issues.


Keith Haring was an artist and social activist whose artwork, influenced by graffiti, became part of the street culture of New York City in the 1980s. He created this poster for the international gay activist group ACT UP in 1989.