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The Haiti Poster Project, Miki Iwasaki


Miki Iwasaki created this piece for The Haiti Poster Project in 2010. It is constructed of silkscreen, wood, and steel hardware. Iwasaki’s, an architect,
also designs and builds objects such as clocks, screens, lamps, and umbrellas. Iwasaki’s studies include a year at the Kyushu Institute of Design in Fukuoka, Japan, and a Masters Degree in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He maintains his business, mi workshop in San Diego, California.


Haiti Shook

Josh Smith said this of the poster he designed for The Haiti Poster Project:
“This poster is an attempt to preserve the moment when a country shook and its weight toppled down. It is a reminder to preserve the weight of responsibility we share for our Haitian neighbours, still crying out for help.”

Haiti is Human

This poster is a collaboration between GRAND, a marketing design firm in
San Francisco, and Sophie Jodoin, an artist who lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. Jodoin works in black and white, on paper and mylar. The intent of
this design is to focus the viewer on the people of Haiti.